Proper Diving
Advanced Training Facility, Full Service Dive Facility & Fill Station
Almonte Ontario  (serving Ottawa & the Ottawa Valley) & Woodstock Ontario 

I’ve known Dustin Proper since we first started diving together in April 2007. In the 10 years that followed, I’ve taken 8 dive courses from him from “Extended Range Diver” through to “Cave Staged Decompression Procedures Diver”. Given the length of time, the number of and technical complexity of the courses I’ve taken, it’s clear that I appreciate what and how is being delivered. As a diver in my late fifties, my learning style has changed since I was first certified in 1979. In the classroom Dustin manages to deliver the book portions of a course so that everyone with their various backgrounds can understand. There is always ample opportunity to ask questions and to review material. Outside of the classroom, Dustin demands that your in-water skills meet the required standards. Again there is ample opportunity to practice however there are no guarantees. In my case, this meant repeating my “Full Cave Diver” course until I could clearly demonstrate that I had attained the required certification skill levels. As a diver with over 38 years of experience, I’ve long since learned that it’s better to be assured that you’ll have the required skills at the end of a course then to be assured of a certificate at the start of a course. 

Mike from Ottawa Ontario 

I had the pleasure of taking a variety of courses with Proper Diving including my cavern, intro to cave, apprentice cave diver and full cave. Proper Diving made my training very enjoyable even though it was challenging. The instructors always made extra time for me and my fellow students if we needed any extra help with any of the skills or classroom sessions. I would highly recommend Proper Diving to everyone!

Ryan from Pembroke Ontario